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Thursday, 2 August 2012

An unexpected realisation.

Just been on a night out in a local area. I got drunk, and like everyone, alcohol doesnt have the best effect on me. I ended up acting exactly as i shouldnt have. Anyway,  i was walking home alone, when i was about 3 minutes away from warmth, i passed this guy who was sitting on the kerb doing nothing. And i became quite intrigued as to what the hell he was thinking about. In the end we ended up talking on a bench, and he was telling me how angry he is that guys have got such a bad reputation. And how good guys like him get put under the same categories as the bad guys because well, theyre still guys. So they dont even get a chance to prove themselves different. He has a girlfriend, of two and a half years and he seemed so ashamed of himself that he gets tempted by other girls. I told him that if he really loves her, he will be faithful. And he has been... and the fact that he regrets even getting tempted by other girls showed me something positive: Not all guys are complete dicks. However these guys are fucking difficult to find. Girls just want to be appreciated. and feel worth something and valued. They can declare that looks are just as important but when it boils down to it, be a nice guy and we will be more attracted to you in the long run. Being a one night kinda person gets old.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back. and Harrods!!!!

Im sorry that i havent written in 7 months (though dont know who im apologising to...). For the first two i was just being lazy/used my other blog. For the next 4/5 i was with a guy, and fell in love with him. So i forgot to do some stuff.. and other stuff became less important, like this. But now im in the 7th month, and im alone again! And it's been pretty tough, but now i suddenly have time for this! Convenient, i know. To be honest i have been spending the past few days watching season 1 of one tree hill, has actually not been that bad. Just saying, you should check that shit out. It's good.
Anyway, im not one of those people who write long, sad, boring stories about the difficulties in my life right now, ive been boring people i talk to about it enough already and i dont expect anyone else to give a shit. Typical story, the whole thing was so fast, i was stupid enough to trust him- given the various signs and he is a teenage guy etc etc. all turned out to be a complete waste of time! woo. I think one of the worst parts is realising that your relationship was no different from anyone elses, even though at the time it felt so special. In actual fact, to the outside world you're the same as every other couple.
I never introduced him to the song that this blog is named after either. I had this silly.. vision of playing it to him and him loving it. But.. it never seemed like the right time. And in hindsight, im glad that i didnt. The song has meaning, and he now doesnt. Sounds juvenile, but it seems silly that i thought of him as that worthy of hearing it. There were lots of things about me that i never shared with him. At the back of my mind i knew that there was a teeeeeeny chance that he was like every other guy, and i was right!
Anyway, that's all to say about that!
Dunno what else to say really. Oh, i ordered season 2 of One tree hill today- cant wait! Defs how i like spending my pre- results, post turning 18 freedom. Nah im going out tomorrow evening, should be fun. Gonna wear eyeliner and everythaaaaang.
Eeeer.. usually when i posted on this blog there would be a focus, like education. I guess my focus here is... me being back :) To normal. Funny to think that when i last posted on here i was completely unaware of how much my life was going to change over the coming months. Of how much i was going to learn, and realise by the next time i bothered to write on here.

Oh wait i took a trip to london recently, to go to Harrods!!!! that can be the second, more interesting focus of this post, let me adjust the title. It was the Knightsbridge one, and the Olympics are on.. so Harrods was pretty empty as all the tourists found a distraction. not me! I was excited to see the Autumn/Winter 12 collections in real life. But i didnt take notes this time, cos i was so much more excited by it all this time, and i was resisting the temptation to buy the Prada Tote i want (was my birthday a couple of weeks ago..) but then id literally be broke. So you know. Being the strong, independent, respectable woman i am, I looked Prada in the face and i said 'No.' It was empowering. But felt awful.. hopefully in the future things will be different!!!

Moving on, yeah. took me ages to find Chanel and when i got there it was all beautiful as usual. Typical square blazers, an amazing wedding dress on the wall. the paris/bombay show 11/12 was projected on the wall and a few of the garments modeled were available for purchase. I took a close look to see if the stitching was impeccable, and obviously it was, this is Haute Couture. I wish i could afford it all. ahhhhhhmygoddITDROVEMECRAZY. ALL IN GOOD TIME (PERHAPS).
I severely disapprove of the recent Louis Vuitton collection. Polka dots and all that. It makes the established brand appear cheap, and we all know that it isnt. But i have an issue with polka dots anyway, reminds me of disease. or fancy dress parties when i was 6... not ideal Marc, not ideal.
The shoes department was as polished and beautiful as ever. What i would have given to have a couple of thousand ££££££££'s. those Louboutins were mocking me. I just wanted to grab a pair and run.. i didnt though. There were some absolutely beaut gowns everywhere. Balmain was a nice section, but usually the clothes are quite detailed and embellished and these weren't. Vivienne Westwood's range was a bit crazy, to be expected. Woah it's almost 4 in the morning and im starting to not remember.. this is bad.

okay, some of the Missoni bikinis are beautiful, i love missoni- it's so pretty! The salespeople in Giorgio Armani were as unwelcoming as ever. Maybe its because its so dark in that section, negative vibes and all that. They need to get over it. Dolce and Gabbana had some nice prints in. Some great tactical print clashes too which looked lush. And some intense thigh high boots. which would probably go up to my waist if i tried them on.

I think i was in Lanvin or the one next to it (cant remember..) and the saleswoman unsubtle-y followed me round as if i was gonna steal one of the garments- trust me lady if i could i would. Nah i wouldnt, it would lose its value. Thats why i hate fake designer logos etc!!!!! When i was in Crete a couple of weeks ago, some illegit street seller was like 'looky looky!' and showed me some fake ray bans. Im not a fan of ray bans in the first place but the PRINCIPLE STILL STANDS. Under the slight influence of alcohol, i proceeded to tell him off severely about mocking established brands and Haute Couture. but i got told to stop.

Anyway i gotta sleep, it is currently 3.54am and i feel dead. Hope this post was interesting, and it taught you two things. 1) dont completely trust anyone with your heart until you are at least 60, or there will be like a 95% chance that you will be as disappointed as me, and then you will become as negative as I am about love. Noone wants that.. And by 60 you'll hopefully be too interested in free bus passes to care about it. and 2) honour brands! dont take the piss by buying the shit sold on streets. You might think you are being loyal, but youre not. You're just a bit fake.. and it isnt helpful to brands because the value of their goods deteriorates as a result of your incapability to save.