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Friday, 30 December 2011

Da monieees

Everyone is lairy after christmas... They're always bitching about the festivities being over and going back to work. IF ONLY WE HAD A CHOICE. BLOODY SOCIETY.
aanyway to everyone following me, hope you had a happy christmas. Its new years tomorrow and i have potentially the most boring dress ever. It's just black. yeeeeeessssssssssssss
Today I'm gonna give you my views on money. I love money, money is great. Some say im materialistic... i dont think this is a bad thing. At least i have something to spend it on. I wonder what life would be like without money. In the olden days when they didnt have money, they used barter, when they exchanged an item in return for another item. I dunno how this all changed to currency- something to do with the gov and taxes maybe.
How would we earn the right to do things? To travel, to shop, to eat. What would it depend on...? I wonder if we would just barter, but then surely there would be certain requirements as to what would be eligible to trade. You would have to put a value on everything, but surely that would cause unrest because a percentage of price determination is opinion.
Or we could steal. Just take things, but the economy would fail. The demand for goods would shoot right up, and because of lack of income for producers (or just money in the world), and there wouldnt be enough supply because companies wouldn't be able to afford to make any more. Ooooor theyy could get their primary and secondary resources from Barter. But if we all started stealing, if everything was free, there would be no value in anything. The amount of happiness i would get from saving up to get a Chanel bag would be much greater if i saved up for it- cos it was worth it. I would have sacrificed spending the money on the ASOS sale or something. Whereas if I could just get the bag... it would be boring, there would be nothing to save for- demand would actually fall in the long term..
I wish i had more money.

Monday, 12 December 2011

We are restricted. We will never be completely free.

It's funny how one can be so restricted by how they look physically. When we were younger, we get told that 'you can be anything you want to be' when you're older. But you can't.
A couple of examples: I'm half Indian.. and we did a school production of Hairspray a couple of years ago. If I was in it, I would definitely have had to play a black person. What if I'd really wanted to be Penny? Or Edna? I just couldn't.

I'm also rather short and physically weak. What if my life ambition was to be a bouncer?! No chance. No-one is, has been or ever will be physically intimidated by me. Sure I could beef up and do weights and stuff, but I'm sure all the celebs would want someone who isn't 5 foot 2..

And that is my life. Over. Without fulfilling my ambition- because I cannot physically be a bouncer- and it's not my fault that I'm so petite!

You could say the same for an Orphan living in Poverty. The chances are extremely unlikely that they could ever become a Doctor.. how would they afford the education for a start?

We are all just so restricted. No-one can be totally free. I definitely have fewer restrictions than this orphan though. If I wanted to be a doctor, I would be able to, providing I worked and had the passion etc. Because I have access to the resources I would need to get me there (school, funds..).

Bloody hell, we've really got to make the most of the freedom that we've got.


1) I'm really not an academic person. This doesn't mean I'm stupid.. I have never studied a subject in school/college which I have loved or looked forward to. In return, I have never been particularly good at any subject in school. It just doesn't interest me much. I think it's absolute bollocks how people can say that others are 'stupid' or 'unintelligent', if they haven't scored so well on a test. They're just interested in other things.. And just because you get all A's doesn't mean that you're totally wise.. I think if jobs didn't exist as a main source of income, the more important things to learn would be how to communicate with others, other cultures, when and who to trust, etc. Because even if you don't get a job, for example all these graduates.. they need to know these things to live anyway. What's the use of a degree when you know very little about how to care for yourself when things aren't going well?

2) This doesn't mean I'm not fascinated by anything though. The Universe fascinates me. And I'm really interested in culture in general. I want to live in different places and experience as much as I can. Obviously to do this, I need an education to get the money.. but for more on that read my post on education below.

3) I wish  I was more determined. For instance, I will only run if I feel I am gaining weight or need to lose pounds. I wont attempt to make it a hobby. If I get a B or a C in a homework, I'll be happy with that.


Friday, 2 December 2011

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

I have much love for Chanel. Not the individual as much- she was a Nazi Spy. More the current season:
Looks pretty cosy :)

Did you knoooow that Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, got called coco because she used to sing in a Cabaret and 'Coco' was most probably from a song that she sang..
I also read that during the German occupation of France in the second world war, she had an affair with a Nazi. And when it got leaked, France didn't want to buy from her shops any more, because the Nazi's took over France. Apparently, she was also a bit of a Nazi as well.. As a result of losing business in France, she moved on to America. I don't think I would have liked her, but I admire her determination. In 1941, she tried to become the sole owner of 'Parfums Chanel' (which was actually owned by the Wertheimers who were Jewish), by using her rights as an Aryan. I think it's kinda ridic how she did that, and then made the Suntan look 'acceptable' in order to denote a life of privilege. Bare lolz

Chanel kinda reminds me of Marie Curie.. who is also an inspiration of mine. 
Both of them were part of rather big families
Both their mothers died when they were young, from Tuberculosis
Both ploughed on with their ambitions and interests, despite being females in a very male-orientated lifestyle.
Both had undergone phases where their work meant very little, due to personal decisions involving love life. Chanel and her Nazi lover, Hans G√ľnther von Dincklage- France suddenly didn't want to purchase from her shops as much. Marie and her lover Paul Langevin, who was actually a former student of her ex-husbands. People saw her as a 'home wrecker'. She was advised not to collect her Nobel Prize, but she did anyway. And people respected her for this. 
Both were alive around the same time- World war 1.
Both of them contributed enormously to the field of Work they were involved in.. without them, the basic concepts of fashion and science would be different.

A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.
-Coco Chanel

I have no dress except the one I wear every day. If you are going to be kind enough to give me one, please let it be practical and dark so that I can put it on afterwards to go to the laboratory.
-Marie Curie

I'm not sure that they'd get on..

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

flower pin!!!

Film from the Past!

I never used to think I'd ever watched Anime. Now I've realised that I have! When I was younger we were in the high street and there was this weird book/video shop down an alley, and my dad bought me Hana No Ko Lunlun. Oh my gaaawd it is an awesome film. And for years I've tried to search for it, but I never realised it was an anime! I had the video, but we must have chucked it out :/
So after asking Yahoo! Answers, I found the answer! This is the aim of the website after all:


Did you know that the more you remember a memory, your brain changes it a little bit at a time, so after thinking a lot about something that happened, it's not really what you think happened. Similarly, if you forget about something and then remember it, it should be more accurate than if you thought about it loads. So, if something happens that you're really happy about, your brain would probably start thinking 'woaah that was so good', and then when thinking back to it, make it seem better than it actually is. This could get you a bit optimistic about the future (-it sucks).
ANYWAY, check out this film and follow the links in the description to watch all of it. It reminds me so much of my childhood..

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


This is Elena, I love her so much. She is a very close friend of mine. And she just redesigned I'm Under Those Same Stars.. what a winner.
She may look crazy... but you'd be wrong- she's weirder than crazy.
I'll tell you a bit about Elena. We went to school together and I thought she was really cool- NOT THAT COOLNESS EXISTS (see one of posts below) But she's arty and happy and stuff and that's always nice. We found out that both our grandparents live in Hounslow. I find her love warm and welcoming. She seems to think she has a penis. But this is fiiiine, that's what makes her happy.

Monday, 28 November 2011

How insane is this. I love this. It completely relates to this blog. I'm almost inspired..

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Party of the Ark of Noah. Part 2

TIGERS (and zebra)

party on..

I wonder if tigers eat flamingoes
Love dat.

ZEBRA'S UNITE! (not as well)

The bears I MEAN LIONS

The middle is Noah's wife. The right.. I still have no clue

Noah and the wolf

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Party of the Ark of Noah.

I'm going to as party dressed as a tiger today. The theme is 'Noah's Ark'. The birthday boy's name is NOAH and everyone has to dress up as an animal in pairs. There are Tigers (the best animals), Penguins, Flamingos, Zebras and so on. Noah is Noah. A guy called Hector is his wife. Happy times..

But OH MY GOD I decided to create my outfit out of fur that I purchased online. I decided to make a playsuit... I will upload pictures. It took me 11 and a half bloody hours. It has worked... but it was so much effort. I enjoyed making it but bloody hell... I didn't use a pattern or a sewing machine (much). It was rather mundane at times.

I'm supposed to be making my fellow tiger, Tom's, shorts today. Cos he won't be able to do it... I might make them really short or tight for lolz.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btPJPFnesV4 we wanna make our entrance to this song. But I doubt that'll happen... it'll probably be more like 'Saira!! Nice outfit... the stitching is a bit dodge though.. TOM! nice shorts...I can see a bit too much of your thighs though....'


But what is coolness? No-one is 'cool' in this world.. The most popular kids in your school may have been considered 'cool' but that's only to those who see 'popular' as 'cool'..
I know people who think others with unique fashions sense are 'cool'
or those who are particularly nice, good music taste, know lots of people, etc...
It all depends on the person. Which is why there is no such thing as cool... It's like saying a product is a good idea... the take on that would be taken differently by everyone.
I don't really know how to express this properly and clearly. All I know is that I'm right.
But then few people would think that the girl who hangs in the library with no friends, a moustache and a terrible sense of music and fashion is cool. But what if she had survived a plane crash or had sailed the seven seas? That could make her pretty cool..
And no, that girl is clearly not me... I have not sailed the seven seas or survived a plane crash.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Why do blogs seem so nerdy? I see them as a onine diary...
A couple of my friends found out that I have blog today. They mocked me. They teased me for being 'weird'.
Firstly, so many people have blogs... surely they cant all be 'weird'.
Secondly, why on earth would anyone want to be normal? How boring is that...

SO MATES if you're reading this, I hope that despite my weirdness and annoying pictures, you have learnt something. Not only my views on education (see below) but also the fact that it can be cool to have a blog.

I've proved it. Can you?

Monday, 21 November 2011

'To be Free.' Discuss.

I absolutely can't stand people who look down on you. Not physically (which is all the time anyway for me) but people who are arrogant. What I believe is that it is the people who are the most arrogant who don't succeed. People who are modest, who accept their failure and seek improvement are the ones who succeed more. And I'm not talking world leaders or the wealthiest people alive. But those who, at the verge of death, think back to their life and say to themselves, 'I did all that I wanted to do- I am satisfied'. I think.. if you want to be satisfied with your life, you've gotta accept what you've been given, and if you don't, you've gotta change it for the better, before that chance is taken.

Sometimes it's scary how you can live your life and you never know when you're gonna die. And I get worried that my life could end so suddenly, and I didn't get to do all that I wanted to...

Which brings me to another point: Education. It seems so stupid, because if someone dies before they have met the 'legal age' of 18, they wouldn't have legally been able to experience all that they could have. And all those years in education could be seen as such a waste.. they could have been seeing the wonders of the world, or spending time on tracing their family background or whatever. But about 30 hours a week, give or take, of our adolescent lives are in a sense, wasted on an education that we may not have wanted. Don't get me wrong, I know there are loads of people out there who enjoy education, they find it very interesting (maths, science etc.), as do I. But for those who don't.. some automatically classify them as 'chavs' or 'slackers' but they just want to live their lives differently. It's seen as abnormal to not want to go to school or to be educated, but why the hell should it be? (For all we know,) We only have one life.

But then, because of society and the economy, a lack of education makes it extremely difficult to do all that we want to do, because we have to earn money- meaning we have to get a job (except for the odd 100,000 of us who have won the lottery). It's frustrating, because I think everybody deserves to see the world, and do what they want to do in their lives. Except for the obvious criminals and evil dictators and others who don't deserve it.

There's just no obvious answer or method where everybody can get everything they want out of life. We can never be totally free- there will always be a mental or physical boundary holding us back.

But then I guess there are lots of people who are completely satisfied with their life- usually the non-arrogant ones!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Some ASOS fashion thing..

Wasn't ready for that.

Whaaat? I feel the visible camera enhances this pic..

Trying to be all ANTM but failing.. where are the SMIES?!?!

You liiike the finished Image?? Ohh dear so much editing.
.. apologies for blurriness.. my computer saved them small sized.. so they're all pixelated when I stretch them out. Error.

I never really use Picasa because I keep destroying cameras.. so on the rare occasions I do use Picasa, I get a bit editing happy.

Love it when i forget to zoom out
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So what the hell is the reason behind the name of this Blog??

This is one of my favourite songs I think.
This blog is Inspired by this song.. pay attention to the lyrics.