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Friday, 30 December 2011

Da monieees

Everyone is lairy after christmas... They're always bitching about the festivities being over and going back to work. IF ONLY WE HAD A CHOICE. BLOODY SOCIETY.
aanyway to everyone following me, hope you had a happy christmas. Its new years tomorrow and i have potentially the most boring dress ever. It's just black. yeeeeeessssssssssssss
Today I'm gonna give you my views on money. I love money, money is great. Some say im materialistic... i dont think this is a bad thing. At least i have something to spend it on. I wonder what life would be like without money. In the olden days when they didnt have money, they used barter, when they exchanged an item in return for another item. I dunno how this all changed to currency- something to do with the gov and taxes maybe.
How would we earn the right to do things? To travel, to shop, to eat. What would it depend on...? I wonder if we would just barter, but then surely there would be certain requirements as to what would be eligible to trade. You would have to put a value on everything, but surely that would cause unrest because a percentage of price determination is opinion.
Or we could steal. Just take things, but the economy would fail. The demand for goods would shoot right up, and because of lack of income for producers (or just money in the world), and there wouldnt be enough supply because companies wouldn't be able to afford to make any more. Ooooor theyy could get their primary and secondary resources from Barter. But if we all started stealing, if everything was free, there would be no value in anything. The amount of happiness i would get from saving up to get a Chanel bag would be much greater if i saved up for it- cos it was worth it. I would have sacrificed spending the money on the ASOS sale or something. Whereas if I could just get the bag... it would be boring, there would be nothing to save for- demand would actually fall in the long term..
I wish i had more money.

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