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Monday, 12 December 2011

We are restricted. We will never be completely free.

It's funny how one can be so restricted by how they look physically. When we were younger, we get told that 'you can be anything you want to be' when you're older. But you can't.
A couple of examples: I'm half Indian.. and we did a school production of Hairspray a couple of years ago. If I was in it, I would definitely have had to play a black person. What if I'd really wanted to be Penny? Or Edna? I just couldn't.

I'm also rather short and physically weak. What if my life ambition was to be a bouncer?! No chance. No-one is, has been or ever will be physically intimidated by me. Sure I could beef up and do weights and stuff, but I'm sure all the celebs would want someone who isn't 5 foot 2..

And that is my life. Over. Without fulfilling my ambition- because I cannot physically be a bouncer- and it's not my fault that I'm so petite!

You could say the same for an Orphan living in Poverty. The chances are extremely unlikely that they could ever become a Doctor.. how would they afford the education for a start?

We are all just so restricted. No-one can be totally free. I definitely have fewer restrictions than this orphan though. If I wanted to be a doctor, I would be able to, providing I worked and had the passion etc. Because I have access to the resources I would need to get me there (school, funds..).

Bloody hell, we've really got to make the most of the freedom that we've got.

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