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Thursday, 26 January 2012

let's adDRESS the idea of making one's own clothes...

I decided to make a dress from some material that i ordered, which was originally supposed to be used for the lining of a jacket i was gonna make. I know that Borderie Anglaise is on trend at the moment, and i have very little money. So i guess the only cheap way i can keep up with these trends is to make my own clothes. HA! SOOO much effort but at least i enjoy it!
The dress is on my fur coat, but not to worry, I wont wear the two together. I've gotta somehow make this dress look classy..
This is it on me! From the front.

Pro: Fits really well
Con: I might not be (soberly) comfortable with it being that short.

Actually I'm pretty happy with the stitching..
But anyway, i did my best. I didn't have a pattern or a sewing machine... so it therefore took me about 5 hours to get done. And even now it's not done, cos i have to put a zip in it. Only problem is, its a bit too short. HOWEVER. It's fine. I could wear it as a nightdress (lolume..)
I started making it at like 11pm.. i didnt get to sleep until i finished it (except the zip) at 4. So I got 3 hours sleep. But it was worth it...

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