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Thursday, 2 August 2012

An unexpected realisation.

Just been on a night out in a local area. I got drunk, and like everyone, alcohol doesnt have the best effect on me. I ended up acting exactly as i shouldnt have. Anyway,  i was walking home alone, when i was about 3 minutes away from warmth, i passed this guy who was sitting on the kerb doing nothing. And i became quite intrigued as to what the hell he was thinking about. In the end we ended up talking on a bench, and he was telling me how angry he is that guys have got such a bad reputation. And how good guys like him get put under the same categories as the bad guys because well, theyre still guys. So they dont even get a chance to prove themselves different. He has a girlfriend, of two and a half years and he seemed so ashamed of himself that he gets tempted by other girls. I told him that if he really loves her, he will be faithful. And he has been... and the fact that he regrets even getting tempted by other girls showed me something positive: Not all guys are complete dicks. However these guys are fucking difficult to find. Girls just want to be appreciated. and feel worth something and valued. They can declare that looks are just as important but when it boils down to it, be a nice guy and we will be more attracted to you in the long run. Being a one night kinda person gets old.

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